Our Vision


Our Association’s Vision

We are formed by industry practitioners and leaders

  • We are a platform for web3 projects to promote user education and feedback as early adopters.
  • We are community focused , not just for HK users but a virtual online community
  • We will connect with other reginonal and international communities to build bridges and foster cross-border relationships
  • We are building our own digital membership token with attendance and benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

The term “Web3” was first coined by Gavin Wood, co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain, in 2014. Wood used the term to describe a vision for a decentralized web that is not controlled by any single entity. Wood’s vision for Web3 is based on blockchain technology, which he believes can be used to create a more secure, transparent and equitable web.

The term “Web 3.0” was first coined by Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media, in 2006. O’Reilly used the term to describe a vision for a more intelligent and connected web that is based on semantic web technologies. O’Reilly’s vision for Web 3.0 is a web where machines can understand the meaning of data and where users can interact with the web in a more natural and intuitive way.

The significant difference between Web3 and Web 3.0 is their focus. Web3 is focused on decentralization and security, while Web 3.0 is focused on intelligence and connectivity. Web 3.0 envisions a highly intelligent web that fosters seamless communication between various apps and services by enabling machines to comprehend and interpret information.

Another difference is the technologies they use. Web3 is based on blockchain technology, while Web 3.0 is based on semantic web technologies. To build trust and security in online interactions, decentralized ledgers, smart contracts and cryptographic principles are used in Web3. On the contrary, Web 3.0 makes use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and natural language processing to comprehend and respond intelligently to user queries and requests.

Source : Cointelegraph – https://cointelegraph.com/learn/web3-is-not-the-same-as-web-3-0